Symbio Wildlife Park is a family-run zoo renowned for its conservation efforts, such as hand-rearing koalas. Popular residents include a pair of tigers, Madagascan lemurs and the newly arrived cheetahs. Don’t miss Symbio’s state-of-the-art Reptile House, where you can see the world’s most venomous snake, an inland taipan. Children love to hand-feed a mob of kangaroos on a big lawn – just look out for the kangaroos’ neighbour, Cranky Frankie the Goose. You can also book close-up encounters koalas, dingoes, meerkats, monkeys and more. Symbio has a kiosk where you can buy ice-cream and snacks, plus picnic tables for those who pack their own. It’s a smaller, more personal, less crowded alternative to Taronga Zoo. You could easily spend a day here!