Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 3.55.30 pmHelensburgh is home to several historic old train tunnels, including two tunnels abandoned when the railway line was duplicated in 1915. The most famous is the Metropolitan tunnel, home to a stunning colony of glow worms that light up the tunnel roof like the Milky Way on dark nights.
It was lost for years, but in 1995 excavations – instigated by members of Helensburgh Landcare and Helensburgh and District Historical Society – uncovered the tunnel entrance and original platform. Railway line has since been laid and the old Helensburgh station sign (dating from 1889) restored so that this tunnel is now a popular tourist attraction.
It has also been used as a location for wedding photos, ghost tours and a country music star’s cover shoot, with everyone from local children armed with torches to professional photographers with spotlights enjoys exploring the tunnel’s dark delights. After heavy rains, the area is prone to flooding and locals have been known to paddle canoes in to explore. Another abandoned train tunnel runs from Otford downhill to Stanwell Park. There are plans afoot to link the old train tunnels to form a Rail Trail for cyclists.
Gumboots recommended.


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