Want to take a thrilling trip along the South Coast on a cool Harley-Davidson? Go for a joy ride with Just Cruisin’, the region’s most popular motorcycle touring company

He might look like a bit of a bikie, but you couldn’t hope to meet a nicer bloke than Steve Melchior. He also knows bikes and he knows the South Coast like the back of his hand.
Steve’s been riding motorbikes since he was 14 – that was 50 years ago – so there’s no one better to take people on a guided motorcycle tour through the region. Which is exactly what his tour company, Just Cruisin’, has been doing for 23 years.
His touring beast of choice is often the Boom Trike with a 1.6-litre twin-cam Ford motor – stylish, comfortable and safe with a bit of wild side thrown in for good measure.
Tour passengers’ ages have ranged from eight to 98, he reckons.
Steve takes bookings from local residents, Sydney weekenders, Asian tour groups and European travellers – anyone who wants to see the South Coast in all of its glory.
He also tours further afield, taking people, on request, to Kangaroo Valley, Bathurst, Parkes and more.
The big fella is so flexible he’ll work out a tour to suit anyone’s needs.
Doing a Just Cruisin’ tour is “a life-changing experience”, Steve says.
“People hop on the bike and … it’s an exhilarating feeling.
“Everyone feels safe and secure on the trike – and it’s got the ‘wow’ factor about it.
“There’s nothing better than looking at someone, seeing the smile on their face and knowing that they’re having an absolute ball.
“I love doing it. It’s a passion and I love sharing a passion, and if I can get someone out there to enjoy that passion, I’ll do it every day. It’s fantastic.”


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